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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fort Lauderdale to home

January 22

Woke very early (only had about four hours of sleep) to watch the sail-in to Port Everglades.  We had to meet in the Queens Room by 7:45.  Sat and talked with Linda (dinner companion) until we were called to disembark just after 8.  Found my suitcase quickly once in the terminal and joined the queue to go through immigration.  Took about 25 minutes since there were only two officers on duty (there were two large ships in with maybe 5000 passengers total so our couple of hundred were insignificant in comparison).

As I was headed to get a taxi there was a shuttle van for $11 so I took that along with two couples from the ship.  I was the second to be dropped off.  Delta had curbside check-in so I only had to pull my suitcases about ten feet.  The machine that prints the luggage tags ran out of paper but I didn't mind waiting because it was a beautiful day (sunny, warm, a gentle breeze).  I had decided a couple of days ago to check both suitcases so I didn't have to drag my carry-on around or try to get it in and out of the overhead bins.  It was a great decision and made the whole day easier.

I was given TSA pre-check approval again (didn't have to take off shoes, show electronics, etc.)so was through security in a couple of minutes.  Bought a bagel and coke and used the free wifi until boarding time.

Plane left the gate in Fort Lauderdale and arrived on time in Atlanta.  As I got off the plane I discovered that my arrival gate and departure gate were the same and it was the same plane so  I didn't need to worry about walking the length of the airport.  There was only about a half hour from the time I got off the first flight until I boarded the second.  Departure was again right on time.

Arrived in Richmond a few minutes early.  A friend picked me up and I got home about 6:15 just in time to watch QE sail out of FLL on the webcam.

Now comes the unpacking.  Ugh!

I will have a summary of my cruise in the next couple of days.

Smooth sailing until next time!

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